10 Gold Hoops to get for your mum this Mother's Day, 2021

Find a special gift to show your mum just how much she means to you. You know you can't go wrong with gold earrings. It's a thoughtful gift that will truly bring a smile to her face and is something sentimental she can keep for years to come. Because she's always there for you.

1. Sansa

Imagine something that your mum can wear for the rest of her life! Well, 9-carat gold hoops are certainly timeless and will put a smile on her face. If you are unsure of what style of hoops your mum likes, Sansa hoops are a safe choice! With a classic 18mm design, they are great for an everyday look and are really easy and fun to wear.

2. Arianne

Beautifully textured, thin, and classy. These 9-carat gold hoop earrings are perfect for any occasion and really compliments her look. She'll feel your love every day. Measures 23mm.

3. Cersei

If your mum prefers larger hoops, these 9-carat yellow gold hoops are a perfect choice.

Classic design with a more bold size will give your mum extra confidence with her look. Measures 23mm.

4. Mariah

Send these stunning hoops straight to your mum's door, all wrapped up and with a handwritten note. These hoops are made from square wire, which makes them very unique and timeless. 9-carat yellow gold and measures 23mm.

5. Margaret

No matter where life takes her, she'll be ready! Classic design measuring 19mm.

6. Dawn

If your mum has a busy lifestyle, why don't gift her with hoops that she can keep on all the time? It looks great whether she is dressing up or dressing down. Something she can wear every day. Classic and yet more subtle design measuiring14mm.

7. Elia

Post these beautiful, twisted hoops straight to your mum as a sweet surprise!

9-carat yellow gold, 14mm.

8. Zendaya

Even if your mum tends to go for classic style earrings, she'll appreciate the unique style in these diamond cut, oval hoop earrings. Measures 27mm x 20mm.

9. Leia

Perfect for every day as well as those special occasions. These 9-carat creole hoops are beautifully engraved with a floral design.

10. Marilyn

The best way to let your mum know just how much you appreciate her.

Diamond cut half hoop stud earrings, 13.5mm.

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